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Wellington County - year unknown - COPIE

The Black Pioneers of Wellington County, Ontario


Glen Allan, Ontario

Like other early Black communities that were formed in Upper Canada, the Black pioneers of Wellington county have a unique and fascinating tale to tell. 


Throughout the generations, the hopeful spirit of the people remains the same.  The evidence is in the fact that I am here today continuing the story, a proud descendant of those very pioneers.


The family photographs in the collection allows us to see what life was like for these people.  We can see the determination, strength and resiliency in their faces.



Title:  Great Aunt Sarah and child

The collection of photographs is part of a larger ongoing project.  We have more photographs, stories, film footage and a  book with more in-depth information to bring to light over the upcoming years. 

Thank you!  Hope you will enjoy this unique slice of life collection.


Diana Braithwaite


Rella Braithwaite Black History Foundation.

Miller family collection – Wellington County, Ontario ,

Title:  “July 1st, 1929”

Photo title: Mr. Miller - Wellington County


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