The Rella Braithwaite Black History Foundation is a non-profit resource organization providing positive images, stories, programs and educational resource materials pertaining to the history of Blacks in Canada.   

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Our unique approach brings together community, history and the arts. We're adding to the historical African-Canadian story in an innovative and leading-edge way!



We link up and network with community and arts organizations and existing Black history associations and communities Canada wide. Continuously creating new innovative ways to disseminate history of the African-Canadian experience in Canada while increasing access and connections to the Rella Black History Foundation website and historical resource information. 



We encourage  the youth of today to learn and feel proud about their history.  We make history accessible and engaging by partnering with universities and organizations on exciting new projects, research and collections.



The Foundation has recently begun to digitize its 75 year collections. What you will currently find on this website is a small selection from our African-Canadian art, community history and pioneer collections, that primarily focuses on the coast to coast history of Blacks in Canada. 

Keep checking back for new collections. 

Join us on a voyage of discovery!

About Rella Braithwaite

The Rella Braithwaite Black History Foundation is named after Rella Aylestock Braithwaite who was one of the few remaining descendants of the Wellington County pioneers that lived in the oldest African Canadian pioneer settlement formed in Upper Canada in the late 1700’s. The late Author and historian, Rella Braithwaite was recognized as a stalwart in the African-Canadian community for her significant historical contribution to research, youths and Black historical education for the past 50 years. 



Rella Black History Foundation Director


The Association is administered and managed by 4th generation African-Canadian blues and jazz singer/writer Diana Braithwaite.  Daughter of historian Rella Braithwaite and Founder of the Rella Black History Foundation.   
For the past 20 years, Braithwaite has partnered with her mother Rella, to make important inroads towards ongoing research, organization of materials and the expansion of a historical collection.



Collection now includes filmed interviews on historic sites within Black settlements and churches, artistic multi-media works developed from historical resource materials, documents pertaining to historic African-Canadian churches, newspaper articles and rare photographs acquired that celebrate and provide an extensive in-depth view of early pioneer life within the African-Canadian communities.

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