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The story of the Black pioneers of Wellington county is not a failure story.  One that will only focus on poor houses and lost land although both of these things were part of their reality and experience.

If there is any failure to draw attention to, it would be that unfortunately once again skin colour and racism played a heavy role in this Canadian story especially when it came to illegal land grants and dishonest business transactions.  Unfortunately, this undermined what was an exemplary and successful community.

Our story and collection is a simple beginning.  One that will ultimately open the door to a larger discussion by first allowing a glimpse of how a community managed to thrive and then fight to hold on to their land until they couldn’t any more.

Photo information from top to bottom:  

Top:  Photo title: Long Time Residents - The Hisson Family, Glen Allan, Peel Township. 

Middle:  Photo title:  Workers

Bottom:  Photo title:  Year unknown


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