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John Ware was a Black Canadian rancher and horseman in Alberta. He was a trailblazer and innovator who helped shape the frontier landscape of what would become the province of
Alberta. Ware made lasting contributions to ranching and farming, which were the main economic drivers in the development of Alberta and other Western provinces.


Ware was born into slavery in the American South likely between 1850 and 1854 and was freed at the abolition of slavery in 1865 when he was about eleven years old. 1 He worked inthe cattle industry in Texas as a cowboy and eventually worked as a member of cattle teams to transport large herds of cattle over long distances. Ware was working in Texas as a cowhand and
made his way north to Idaho on one such job. Click here for print-friendly full article

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Natasha Henry the president of the Ontario Black History Society. She is a historian, published author, educator, and an award-winning curriculum developer, focusing on Black Canadian experiences. Natasha is currently completing a PhD in History at York University, researching Black enslavement in early Ontario. Through her various professional and community roles, Natasha’s work is grounded in her commitment to research, collect, preserve, and disseminate the histories Black Canadians. 

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